A 7-day Cool-Off Period

A 7-day Cool-Off Period

If an attack vector exists, either discretely or abstractly, its frequency and potential damage can be effectively nullified with the introduction of a mandatory waiting period, prior to the withdrawal of user’s funds. Compared to the current 100 day vesting period, a 7-day cool-off represents an effective drop of 93% in mandatory wait time prior to full protection. In context, the additional prudency still affords users an improved offering, without conceding any vulnerabilities to the system.

# Define the 7-day Cool-Off Period
cooldown_time: int = 7

The Bancor default system settings can be viewed or modified via the following usage:

# View or modify the default global settings
from bancor_research.bancor_simulator.v3.spec.state import GlobalSettings


Each global settings should adhear to the data type as specified above.