The library currently supports a limited random walker style simulation scenario.

Parameter Sweeps (Batch Runs)

Parameters sweeps can be done via the mesa BatchRunner instance defined at the bottom of file in the simulation directory. This instance is for collecting data on parameter sweeps. It is not meant to be run with, since starts up a server for visualization, which isn’t necessary for the BatchRunner. To run a parameter sweep, call in the command line from the project directory as follows:

python bancor_simulator/v3/simulation/

The BatchRunner is set up to collect step by step data of the model. It does this by collecting the DataCollector object in a model_reporter (i.e. the DataCollector is collecting itself every step).

The end result of the batch run will be a CSV file created in the same directory from which Python was run. The CSV file will contain the data from every step of every run.

GUI Visualization (Single Runs)

To run the model interactively, run the following command from the project directory:

mesa runserver

Then open your browser to, select the model parameters, press Reset, then Start.